• Company profile

  • Billion Power, with headquarters in Baoding, China. We established branches in Europe, Asia, and America. Our company focuses on to providing the best solar products and solutions for our customers for long term and sustainable commercial, industrial, rural and domestic energy needs.

    We are the leading provider of solar modules, Solar Power for on-grid and off-grid residential and commercial systems. We sell all the top quality major brands of PV modules and BOS. We are constantly adding innovative and cost effective renewable energy equipment to our product line. We sell to wholesale and ship to dealers and installers worldwide. We do the same for our retail operations in our online store and from our showrooms and warehouses

    To continue meeting the changing requirements of our customers, Billion Power is committed to creating value that increases and enhances customer’s competitiveness in their local market, we seek to pursue high-quality, high-service, reliability and promptness to our customers.