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  • Double Glass BIPV Solar Module BP-M-D150P
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  • Double Glass Poly Crystalline BIPV Solar Module BP-M-D150P With 40% Transparent

    Product Advantages

    1.Longer Warranty

    Power decay rate of <0.5%, 30 year power output can be guaranteed

    2.No Risk of Cell Microcrack & Snail Trail
    During the harsh transportation and installation operation, there is no cell microcrack, which can absolutely stop module from efficiency loss and service life decreasing because of cell microcrack

    3.Low BOS Cos

    1500V system voltage design, compared with the 1000V system, greatly reducing the cost of BOS

    4.Low Operation Cos

    Snow and dust will not be easily piled around the edge of module because of the frameless design, which make it easy to be cleaned and operated with lower cost.

    5.Meeting the Demand of Transparency Flexibly

    Substrate is replaced by glass and laid with cells in a reasonable proportion to meet the transparency demand.

    Engineering Drawing: