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  • The BP-M-FLEX Series module is a CIGS based flexible thin-film PV module that provides high power density for many types of roof applications. The panels are the highest efficiency, flexible, thin-film product on the market today, with >16% cell efficiency.
    The BP-M-FLEX Series module bonds to the roof surface with a simple peel-and-stick adhesive. This adhesive approach eliminates the need for racking and reduces labor and logistics cost to provide a 20% lower BOS cost than traditional glass solar systems. The BP-M-FLEX Series module is IEC 61646 & IEC 61730, UL 1703 and Class A over TPO: Slope 2.5:12 certified.


    Key Features:
    • Record efficiency levels in a CIGS flexible form factor
    • Low installed weight at less than 2.4kg/m 2 (<0.5lb/sq ft)
    • No penetrations, ballast or racking required
    • Applicable for high wind load and high seismic hazard areas
    • Bypass reduces PV system shading losses
    • Directly bonds to many approved surfaces



    Flexible modules benefits:
    •The low weight of the modules
    •No roof penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage and damage to valuable contents within the building
    •An aesthetically pleasing solar solution, preserving the original look of the metal roof by blending into the space between the seams.
    •Superior wind resistance and a seismic advantage over traditional rack-and-panel systems where their higher profile increases the likelihood of damage in a hurricane or earthquake